October 15th, 2020

Precision Aluminium

Grain Oriented Silicon Steel

Space Grade Tantalum Sheets (ASTM 708)

  • Material Tantalum sheet shall be as per ASTM B 708
  • Tantalum sheet of thickness 0 125mm 0.25mm & 0.5 mm + 10% variation
  • Tantalum sheet size 300mmX300mm 10 % variation
  • Chemical Composition Tantalum sheet purity => 99.596 Tantalum)
  • Surface Finish: Frekstrom any scratches, Dent porosity
  • Coefficient of thermal Expansion at 20°C < 6.5 mm

Ceramic Materials

We provide a wide selection of technical and advanced ceramics including Alumina Oxide, Zirconia Oxide, Silicon Carbide and Silicon Nitride, which improves and extends the performance of your product, process, or system. Whether you need high temperature stability, hard and wear resistance surfaces, improved stiffness to weight radiations, anti-corrosive barriers or low thermal expansion rates – we can deliver.

KOVAR & INVAR Materials

Special Copper

  • Oxygen Free (OFE) Copper
  • Beryllium Copper
  • Copper sheet & Rod

Other Materials Molybdenum (tubes, sheets, rods, plates and wire), Indium (foil and sheets), Tungesten etc

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