• Five in One
  • Any Acquire Phosphor
  • Abundant optional sensors
  • 10.1-inch screen
  • Compact, Light, Portable
  • Wide bandwidth

Signal & Pulse Generator

  • Rise time faster than 70 ps
  • Multi channel
  • Modular structure

VNA (Vector Network Analyser) and Spectrum Analyser

  • Frequency of our products is up to 67GHz
  • Handheld and portable size, compact, lightweight,
  • High-speed, high-accuracy,

Arbitrary Waveform Generator

  • Multi Channel Synchronization
  • High bandwidth and high resolution
  • Very Low Harmonic Distortion
  • High Speed Digital Outputs
  • Multi-Instrument Synchronization

Microscopes (c AFM, Digital & Inverted Microscope, Imaging Microscope Etc)

  • Various Scanning Modes
  • High resolution scanner
  • Automatic optimization of critical imaging parameters including set-point, gains, scan rate and Z limit.
  • Low noise level
  • Wide bandwidth