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S&S Electronic Components Pte.Ltd (SSECPL) serving industry for close to two decades is many steps ahead of distributor courtesy its support to versatile needs of the customer for Industrial, Research , Military, Aerospace, Satellite applications. The customer oriented approach allow us to cater the needs for :

  • Design engineers
  • Bulk Production
  • Obsolete alternates
  • Define by Specification ( Print to Spec)
  • Part number specific
  • Custom build
  • Rational approach to specifications
  • Engineering support
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Another Hexapod release from our principal Symetrie of France “ Mauka”

  • Mauka

Covid 19 and Ventilators In these tough times

S&S is happy to contribute by providing Ex Stock components for the immediate needs of Ventilator manufactures and the Medical Instrumentation

  • Covid 19 and Ventilators

We offer D Sub connectors both with stock and lead time in Singapore and India

  • By:India
  • Connector